Fife Coastal Path

St Monans

August 21, 2022

St Monans

The Fife Coastal Path was something I’d been looking forward to and excited about for such a long time. The picturesque little fishing villages have always enchanted me from afar. Though I wasn’t at all disappointed in what of the area I was able to see, I was definitely disappointed with the lack of time to see all of villages I’d allotted for on our journey.

The time constraint wasn’t at all to do with poor planning, just not having the foresight to know the series of future events that would occur once there. I had assumed the first day of driving on the opposite side of the road in a foreign country would be frustrating and at some points downright terrifying (more on that during the Glencoe and Isle of Skye chapters). I had, however, thought we’d make it at least a day or two before having any curb bumps, scratches, or other mishaps. Anyone who knows me personally would know that by now I should just always be prepared for the worst to happen. At least it ended up only a minor scratch in a roundabout on our way into Kirkaldy. However, it cost us quite a bit of exploration time, which was more frustrating for me than the accident.

By the time we arrived in St. Andrews, the rain had come and most of the time was spent ducking in and out of shops and drinking coffee until it lightened up. That first day ended for us in Dundee. Arriving at our hotel was one more snafu for the day. Our hotel had canceled all previously made reservations because of a government contract to host Ukrainian families, which is fantastic, except that we weren't informed. Luckily their partner hotel down the street had accommodations available for us. To end the exhausting day we sat in the hotel bar area for tea and some of the largest scones I've ever seen in my life before heading back up to bed. Day 2 could only get better, right?

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